FirmLiner® & FlexLiner®

GARANT develops state-of-the-art ballistic protection solutions for different types of applications.

Product Development

Along with the implementation of the latest materials resulting from intensive R&D activities, GARANT also benefits from its experience gained through long-term developing programs with both material suppliers and end-users.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

GARANT uses state-of-the-art and highly efficient manufacturing methods which are specified for the used materials as well as applications. The whole manufacturing process is subject to extensive quality assurance measures to allow 100% traceability from the delivered product to the used raw materials.


- Para-Aramide
- Polyethylene
- Polypropylene
- Fibre Glass

Compound Systems

FirmLiner® (Laminat):
- Elastomeric-Matrix
- Duroplastic-Matrix
- Thermoplastic-Matrix

FlexLiner® (Liner):
- Sewing technology


FirmLiner® (Laminat)
- 1000x2000mm
- 1250x2500mm
- 1500x3000mm
Customer specific sizes upon request

FlexLiner® (Liner)
- 1250x2500mm
- 1500x3000mm
- 2500x4500mm
Customer specific sizes upon request


- CAD-Cutting
- Surface and edge treatment
- Moulded parts
- Parts, ready-to-install


- Cost effective
- Light weight
- Noise and sound reducing
- Isolating
- High durability
- High flexibility
- No hygroscopic effects through water-proof coating
- Resistance to environmental degradation effects

Levels of Protection

Usage according to customers requirements in:
- Ballistic Protection
- Fragment Protection
- Mine Protection
- IED Protection

According to STANAG 2920, STANAG 4569, MIL-SPECS or other international standards and military specifications.


Our laminates and liners are applicable for the usage in the most different ballistic protection requirements
- Vehicles (wheeled and tracked vehicles)
- Container and platforms
- Aircrafts (Airplanes and Helicopters)
- Ships (e.g. speedboats and frigates)
- Personal Protection Equipment (e.g. plates and shields)

In above mentioned applications our components maybe used as stand-alone solutions or in conjunction with other materials e.g. steel, titanium, aluminium, ceramic, PE, PP, GRP. We are able to assist you in choosing the right application systems and methods.


Our disposal concept allows our customers
- an appropriate and professional disposal, demolition or if possible recycling of inoperative or useless laminate and liner products.
- as well as prevention of the unauthorized and unplanned further use by any third parties.