Protection Equipment for EOD and IEDD Operations

GARANT – Competence in Protection

In today’s world of increasing threats and global terrorism the requirement and need for advanced and highly specialised equipment for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) as well as Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) is rising constantly.

To have the maximum level of reliability and user-friendliness is what counts when it comes to operations which require immediate reactions. GARANT products have already proven themselves in many kinds of missions, some even in the harshest operating conditions possible.

One of the biggest challenges for the operators and for the manufacturers of EOD/IEDD equipment is the continuously changing and rising menace. Modern terrorists are making use of the latest technology and are even prepared to include measures of chemical, biological and nuclear warfare in their attacks to modern civilisation.

GARANT- Professional Equipment for more than 30 years

GARANT offers a variety of different products to:
- detect
- secure
- protect
- examine
- manipulate
- mitigate
- transport
- defuse
- destroy

UXOs, IEDs and other suspicious or dangerous as well as hazardous devices. The majority of our products are developed, tested and manufactured in-house. For other products we are working closely with well-known partners e.g. for X-Ray equipment.

GARANT – Reliability in Operation

Personal Protection Equipment is our main-focus, as the most vulnerable part of any mission, is the person taking the risk, to fight the most severe threats.

Tests under laboratory as well as close to reality conditions guarantee the reliability of our products and thus your safety.

Our Product Range

Personal Protection Equipment

- Bomb Suits & Helmets
- Search Suits & Demining Suits
- Fragment Protection Aprons & Demining Aprons
- Demining Helmets & Visors
- Mine Resistant Boots
- CBRN Protective Equipment

Other Protective Equipment

- Bomb Blankets
- Fragment Protection Shields
- Bomb Transportation Bins
- Bomb Transportation Trailer
- Modular Protection Kits e.g. for Bomb Trucks

EOD / IEDD Tools

- Non-Magnetic Tool Sets
- Non-Magnetic Single & Special Tools
- Disruptor
- Rocket Wrench
- Victorinox Swiss EOD Tool
- Demining Tools

Accessories & Spare Parts

- Personal Cooling Equipment
- Communication Equipment
- CBRN Protective Equipment
- Functional Underwear
- Spare Parts & Consumables


- Research & Development
- Consulting
- Training (Products, Procedures and Tactics)
- After Sales Service